'Flip or Flop' Star Tarek El Moussa Helps Cancer Patients Seek Treatment

"Flip or Flop" host Tarek El Moussa has made his fight with cancer known and is using his star-power and experience to help others.

The television star is connecting other cancer patients with life-saving clinical trials.

In 2013, a nurse watching the popular HGTV show starring El Moussa and his now ex-wife Christine, emailed them to say he had a suspicious lump on his throat that she suspected may be cancerous.

El Moussa got the biopsy and discovered she was right.

"Four hours later I woke up and Christine is staring down at me crying and I said "I have cancer right?' She said 'yeah.'"

He continued filming his show despite the thyroid cancer diagnosis and through his next diagnosis of testicular cancer. 

After several surgeries, he is now in remission and volunteer as an advocate for Lazarex Cancer Foundation; a non-profit connects end stage cancer patients with clinical trials that could save their lives.

Lazarex founder Dana Dornsife says the company pays for all the expenses, including transportation to and from the trial which are often in another state.

At the very least we give them hope - but in many instances we're able to give them gifts of extended life, quality... and sometimes even remission."

El Moussa connected his friend and the show's contractor Frank Miller with Lazarex after he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of laryngeal cancer.

Miller has already undergone 62 radiation treatments leaving his throat scarred and is grateful to El Moussa for the help.

"I was elated somebody cared - because most of my family is deceased...Tarek showed me how many people love and care and I was - wow... I'm gonna fight until there's no more left." 

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