Women's Tackle Football Team Tries to Get NFL To Notice Them

We got some strong independent women slaying the football game down in Carson!

The Carson Bobcats are part of the Independent Women's Football League (IWFL) and have a perfect 8-0 season.

The team doesn't have any contracts with their players so most of the women have full-time jobs and come from differing backgrounds.

The Bobcats are full of great athletes, but few of them have actual football experience.

Vanessa Davis Goh was recruited to be a kicker, Jane Brickman was a player in the WNBA and Dianna Alvarado was a former softball player.

"Living with lupus and I play football so he looks at me like, 'If mom can do it, I can't complain about anything when I'm playing'." 

Brickman is also a five-time cancer survivor and like most of her teammates, she works to be able to pay to play which is why they want the NFL to notice their work.

"Teach us, the love that you guys have for the game. Teach us some of the skills. We're not trying to take away."

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