Laguna Niguel Mayor Quits During Meeting Discussing His Removal

The mayor of Laguna Niguel abruptly resigned Monday night during a special meeting where set so officials could discuss whether or not to remove him. Jerry Slusiwicz resigned as the city's mayor just twenty minutes into the city council meeting called to potentially remove the ceremonial title from him. 

Issues surrounding Slusiewicz's behavior regarding how he treated city employees and other administrators had been raised . He's also been accused of demanding a discount at a local carpet store because of his position as mayor. The director of a community theater production was also allegedly threatened by the former mayor to get his daughter a part in a play. 

Slusiewicz has denied the claims. He contends that the complaints about his behavior began after he asked the city council to look into a $410,000 cost overrun in a city tree-trimming contract. 

After resigning his position as mayor at the city council meeting, Slusiewicz walked out, and released a statement shortly thereafter calling the city council's proceedings "phony." He will retain his city council seat, for which he has been elected to serve through 2020. 

Mayor Pro Tem Fred Minagar will be sworn in as mayor for the city of about 60,000 people. 

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