Pacific Beach Artist has New Take on Wanted Poster

A piece of art that was placed on the side of a home was stolen within minutes and the artist has an interesting way of dealing with the thieves.

The artist, Ben Jay, painted a treasured tribute to the late actor Gene Wilder and had it hanging outside his home.

Jay is a spray paint artist and has multiple masterpieces, but says the Wilder piece is his favorite.

To get the word out on his stolen piece, Jay took again to his favorite medium.

"I decided to make a new painting to hang up there with a little-wanted poster of the old painting that had been hanging there next to Sheriff's Deputy Gene Wilder watching over it. I made sure to finish the wanted poster first and have it on the side that was most visible."

Jay says he will be installing a security camera this time around to protect his painting and if someone is brazen enough to take it again, this time the artwork will feature the thieve's face.

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