Trump Administration to Review Special Status of 27 National Monuments

Twenty-seven national monuments are under review by the Trump administration for reclassification, including one monument close to home. The San Gabriel Mountains National Monument could lose its special status as a national monument. But Wilderness Society Director Daniel Rossman told KFI's Kris Ankarlo that if the administration reclassifies the lands, there will be a legal challenge. 

"Legal scholars have studied that issue and come to agreement that there's really not that authority given to the president under the Antiquities act."

Rossman says he's confident that the administration isn't just on shaky legal ground, the political winds aren't favorable for him to remove the national monuments special status. 

"When it comes to removing protections, that's not something the president is able to do. Over 2.7 million comments have been submitted, and 98% of them are in favor of preserving the special status." 

The Department of Interior will report back about the 27 national monuments it is reviewing. Seven of those monuments are located in California. According to Rossman, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has not been to California during the review. 

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