Taco Bell's New Burrito has Spicy Pop Rocks In It

I'd like to meet the person who thought, "hey, people like Pop Rocks....they also like Taco Bell...let's do a two birds one stone sort of deal".

Taco Bell has released the newest foodie combo in the Firecracker Burrito.

You can order it spicy or cheesy, and it contains rice, cheese, beef, and red tortilla strips wrapped up in a red tortilla. 

The spicy one is loaded down with a chipotle sauce to give it a little kick.

If you're feeling adventerous, you can add a packet of spicy Pop Rocks (or, as the packets are labeled, Cayenne Popping Crystals) to sprinkle over the burrito for an added charge.

The add on is only available at four Taco Bell locations, one of which is in Santa Ana, California.

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