Mosquitoes Capable of Transmitting Zika Virus Found in Riverside

RIVERSIDE (CNS) - Detection of mosquitoes capable of transmitting Zika virus and other diseases led vector control officials today to urge residents to eliminate standing water sources at their homes.

The invasive Aedes agypti mosquitoes have been found most recently in Riverside on July 28.

The Northwest Mosquito and Vector Control District will conduct a door- to-door campaign in the areas near the detection site, which includes technicians searching for standing water sources and breeding sites.

Aedes agypti mosquitoes, which are not native to California, are capable of transmitting Zika virus, dengue fever and chikungunya, according to NMVCD Public Information and Technology Officer William Van Dyke.

District officials emphasized that residents should take preventative measures to keep mosquitoes from laying eggs near their homes.

“As these mosquitoes can breed in amounts of water as small as a bottle cap, residents are reminded to survey their property and immediately eliminate all standing water,'' Van Dyke said.

Residents who are bitten by mosquitoes should report the bites to the district online or by calling (951) 340-9792.

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