Video: GoPro Footage of Motorcyclist Flies Off Cliff

A man who veered off the road and flies off a cliff on his motorcycle is lucky to live and talk about it.

GoPro footage from Matthew Murray's bike shows his ride through the Santa Monica Mountains in Calabasas before his accident.

The video shows him go off the road as he and his cycle tumble down the mountain and it's almost a full minute later before he makes any sort of noise.

“It processed immediately in my head that you’re gonna die.” 

On the side of the mountain where Murray landed, he knew it would be difficult to get help to him.

“I tried to walk to my motorcycle to get to my phone and call 911 but I couldn’t walk down hill so I just turned around and halfway up the hill I went into shock.”

Eventually the 27-year old was able to climb the hill, reached the side of the road and flagged down a driver to call 911.

Murray will be laid up for the next few months and has a multitude of broken bones but will recover.

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