Blessing of the Grapes Marks Seasonal Change at Hospital in Glendale

One of the five major feasts of the Armenian Orthodox church is the "Blessing of the Grapes" ceremony, in which they ask God to mentally and physically bless those people who partake of the purple and green grapes. 

The hymns and prayers recited in Armenian over the bags of grapes coincides with the beginning of the harvest and the Feast of Assumption which comes in the middle of August. 

Adventist Health Glendale CEO Kevin Roberts holding the ceremony there is a good way to connect with the local Armenian community. 

"We have hundreds of Armenian doctors, and staff, and of course thousands of Armenian patients." 

One nurse says something happens to the grapes after the blessing.

"The different special taste of them. It's what you believe. We believe the blessed ones are special." 

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