Toilet Paper Featuring Donald Trump's Tweets for Sale

A company called Toilet Tweets selling toilet paper with images of President Donald Trump’s tweets has sold out.

The single rolls were being sold for $12 a piece and reportedly sold clean out and is listed as currently being unavailable.

The Trump toilet paper features screen grabs of tweets from before he took office in January.

The product comes after Trump recently bashed Amazon owner Jeff Bezos over his ownership of the Washington Post and tax policy for Amazon’s online sales. 

Reviews of the product are hilarious, topical and crass:

This may be the greatest political gag gift ever. It's just that though, as toilet paper, it is double ply, but it is about as basic as they come.

I'm really afraid these will make my backside dirtier instead of cleaner.

I was going to order this but was concerned about lack of absorbency and that it may lead to leaks. However it's highly recommended for nights of excessive pee incidents.

Someone finally put Trump's tweets to good use. Whatever upsets your stomach--embarrassing leaks, information dumps, gross incompetence, spoiled democracy, or a wrecked constitution--these are the absorbent sheets you need to wipe your day clean of the dreck and dross of the 24 hour news cycle. Constipated? No problem. Read a few of the tweets printed on this roll, and you'll find yourself quickly on the road to re-laxation. The president may be crappy, but you don't have to be.

For those of you who want in on the gag gift, don't worry...Amazon says it'll be back in stock August 15th.

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