Rapper Who Said "God made me bulletproof" Shot and Killed

An Atlanta rapper who claims he has been shot at almost 11 times and proclaimed "God made me bulletproof" was shot and killed.

Jibril Abdur-Rahman, who was better known as Yung Mazi, was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds inside a pizza shop that was less than 200 feet from a police station.

A local news station reported officers heard gunshots, but the shooter got away before police were able to arrive.

In a YouTube video posted last year, Abdur-Rahman says he had been shot at 10 other times and it happens "in part due to his skin tone", the fact that "some people don't like real dudes," and the expensive accessories he wears.

"I might walk around with a quarter-million dollars worth of jewelry on."

Abdur-Rahman made the bulletproof claim in a now deleted tweet after shooting number 11 where he suffered a chest wound.

"When the bullet hit me in the head....it greatly affected me. I had to learn how to read, write, and speak all over again. I'm still not 100 percent right. I tried doing my daughter's elementary school homework and it was hard. I couldn't count money. My brother had to send text messages for me from my phone. It was deep."

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