L.A. Helping Hundreds of Ex-Cons Get Part-Time Work with Caltrans

A $9 million dollar program is being touted by Mayor Eric Garcetti for giving opportunities to people who have just gotten out of prison. 

According to the Mayor, hundreds of ex-cons have gotten jobs picking up trash for Caltrans. The part-time gigs pay $12 an hour, and will have the ex-felons picking up trash along Los Angeles's roadways. 

"What this does is allow folks to come and perform a public good. To clean our roadways," Garcetti said. 

Garcetti points out that ex-cons without jobs are more likely to commit crimes and end up back in jail again. 

"We do it because it's the right thing to do. To not bypass anybody, or anyone's potential. But we also know it's the right thing to do, practically." 

The program is supposed to help 1,300 people get a job over the next three years. 

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