$15 Million FAA Grant Funding Upgrades at Long Beach Airport

Photo Credit: Getty Images

The Long Beach airport is getting some new grant money to upgrade a runway. Fifteen million dollars from the FAA will go towards repaving and remarking the busiest aviation runway 25R, and when that project is done, it'll have to be renamed.

"There are naturally occurring changes in the earth's magnetic field, so any time that magnetic difference deviates more than 3 degrees, we're required to rename, or re-designate our runways to accommodate that shift," Airport Director Jess Romo explained. 

If you're flying out of Long Beach Airport, don't worry - Romo says the disruption to passenger traffic will be minimal. 

"What it'll mean is it's going to shift that activity that normally would operate there onto two of our other runways here at the airport. So obviously activity will increase on those while this airport is being rebuilt."

Romo says 25R is mostly used by smaller planes and training flights. The construction should begin before the end of the year.

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