Groping, Jumping, and Shooting Means 3x Terror In the Skies!

A 16-year-old girl was groped by the man next to her while sitting in a window seat on a New Jersey-bound United Airlines flight last week.

The girl says she first woke up to the man's hand on her thigh.  She told the man to stop and went back to sleep.

She woke up a second time to the man groping her.

She reported the incident to the flight crew and asked to be moved to another seat.

Once she landed, the girl called her parents.  During this time, Vijakumar Krishnappa, the 28-year-old that the teen later picked out of a flight manifest photo lineup, left the airport.

A complaint was filed against Krishnappa in federal court the day after the incident.  Records show that he was arrested and charged with knowingly engaging in sexual contact with a minor female on the same day.

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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A teenage boy traveling alone opened an emergency door after his plane landed, slid down the wing and jumped onto a tarmac at San Francisco before shocked passengers could do anything to stop him, witnesses said.

The 17-year-old, a U.S. citizen, removed the door minutes after the Copa Airlines flight arrived from Central America, San Francisco Airport spokesman Doug Yakel said.

An airfield construction crew working nearby confronted the boy and held him until police arrived and arrested him. The teen, who appeared to be in emotional distress during the flight, was not injured, Yakel said.

Witnesses said the teen seemed fidgety and anxious throughout the seven-hour flight from Panama City, Panama, and that by the time passengers realized the door had been opened, he was already on the ground, running.

Sophia Gibson, of San Jose, California, said people sitting next to him were shocked when he jumped out of the plane and onto the wing.

“It was as if he was like flying out, like it was really fast,” Gibson told San Jose television station KNTV.

Copa Airlines said in a statement that over-wing emergency exits are designed to be opened by passengers after the plane reaches a lower altitude to allow for an evacuation in case of an emergency. But that it is a federal law violation to open them without having been instructed to do so by the crew.

Matt Crowder, of Atherton, California, said people sitting near the exit row stood up when the boy jumped out and started to shout.

“They were yelling, ‘Tell the flight attendants. Relay the message back. The door’s open. Someone jumped off,’” Crowder told the television station. “It was pretty crazy.”

The Panama-based airline said in a brief statement that the plane then taxied to the gate, where all the other passengers of Copa Airlines Flight 208 disembarked without incident.

Passenger Isaac Rodrigues said a flight attendant used her body to block the gap where the door had been until the plane was at the gate.

“They put one of the stewardesses to block it so no one would fall out of there or leave,” he said. “We were on the runway for about an hour.”

No runways or other flights were affected, Yakel said.

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(NEWSER) – Passengers at Orlando International Airport Tuesday were startled by what turned out to be the sound of a federal agent shooting himself in the foot. 

Police say the man was a vacationing Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent from Kansas City who accidentally dislodged his holstered weapon, the Orlando Sentinel reports. 

While "unslinging a shoulder bag, the bag caught on the agent's holstered weapon," a police report states. 

"While the weapon was falling, the agent tried to catch the firearm and inadvertently pulled the trigger. A bullet hit the agent in the heel." 

The agent was hospitalized. 

Police say no charges are expected and there was no disruption to airport operations, WKMG reports.

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