Burglar Runs Out of Home After Babysitter Catches Him by Surprise

Irvine police are searching for a burglar who broke into a home but was caught off guard when a babysitter walked in, causing him to run away.

The attempted burglary was caught on home surveillance, where the man was captured walking through a child's play room.

The video also shows the sitter and 4-year-old child walking inside the home, then running away when they noticed the man on the stairs.

Irvine police spokeswoman Kim Mohr says the sitter responded to the situation in the correct way.

"She did the absolutely right thing. As soon as she saw that he ran out of the house she went to a neighbor, got some help, called 911. So she acted perfectly in this situation, made sure she was looking out for herself and the safety of the child."

Police are still searching for the suspect and describe him as Black, between the ages of 18 and 25, weighing about 170 pounds with black hair.

Authorities ask anyone who recognizes the man is asked to call Irvine Police Department Detective Jameson Roberts at 949-727-7170.

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