Garcetti Announces 2028 Olympics Will Be In Los Angeles

Los Angeles will host the Olympics in 2028.

"In 2028, we're bringing the games back to LA, one of the great capitals of this great Olympic movement. A city that has always been a game-changer and will be again in 2028."

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti says the deal they forged with the International Olympic Committee to take the Games in 2028 was too good to pass up.  The agreement gives the 2024 games to Paris.  Garcetti said hosting the 2028 Olympics will give Los Angeles "the seed to a new Olympic legacy."  

Garcetti described the race to get the games as a marathon, but he said those working toward it never lost focus until they reached the finish line.  This will be the third Olympics that L.A. has hosted.  The summer games have not been held in the U.S. since Atlanta hosted 21 years ago.  The winter Olympics were held in Salt Lake City in 2002.

"In sports terms, there is no other metaphor, it was a marathon. In fact, a couple times, we were counted out of the race altogether, but we never hit a wall. We never lost our focus. The training paid off, and today we're at the finish line." 

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