John Oliver vs. Alex Jones

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver came out of a three week hiatus swinging. 

In his return episode, Oliver decided to take on the man behind InfoWars, Alex Jones by focusing on the products Jones sells on his TV show.

Oliver said he spent a week watching Jones' show, making note that 25% of the program was spent talking about or playing ads for his products.

Some of which include: survival gear, organic shampoo and body wash, and moist towelettes called “Combat One” that “can be used anywhere needed, including the perineal area.”

Jones also shells a supplement with ingredients only found in "comets" and “trace amounts in blueberries.”

Oliver says he purchased many of the products including a “Bill Clinton rape whistle” from Jones' website, and he says it came with a free “9-11 Was an Inside Job” bumper sticker. 

He claims Jones urges his viewers to fund InfoWars by buying his products.

“It’s like an NPR pledge drive for people who hate NPR.”

Oliver also notes Jones’s “medical expert” Dr. Edward Group III, says he “got his degree from MIT.” After some digging, Group actually got a degree from Texas Chiropractic College, and MIT told Last Week Tonight that “it is not accurate to say [Group] has a degree from MIT.”

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