California Man Sues over Pokemon Go Event Fail

A California man is suing the Chicago Pokémon Go Festival, saying the failed event didn't have  "the special Pokémon and other rewards" that was promised to the players.

Jonathon Norton filed a class action suit against the game's developer Niantic Inc..

Norton's lawyer, Tom Zimmerman, says his client is also seeking to have his travel expenses reimbursed.

"Had my client known that he would spend the majority of the event waiting in lines and unable to play the Pokémon Go game, he would have stayed in California instead of paying money to fly to Chicago to attend the fest.” 

The festival promised special Pokéstops with several Pokémon encounters, special challenges and rewards, as well as an event exclusive game medal.

Tickets sold out quickly and some scalpers were able to pass off resold tickets for four figures.

The festival had long lines and tech issues that caused Niantic to offer guests refunds.

Check out Norton's lawsuit HERE.

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