42 Dogs Found in the Home of a Bank Robbery Suspect

While a 72-year-old Corona man was being investigated for a bank robbery, authorities found more than 40 dogs inside his home.

Police say all of the dogs appeared to be living in conditions of extreme neglect.

A statement released by the Corona Police Department says Robert Flores was arrested on suspicion of bank robbery after going to the department for an unrelated matter.

After questioning Flores about the robbery, officers wrote a search warrant for his home to look for further evidence.

Flores said he had about 26 dogs living in the main area of his house and when animal control went to his home, it took 75 minutes for them to find and recover 35 full grown dogs and seven puppies.

Police say many of the dogs were emaciated and showed signs of disease and one adult dog had several open wounds and was euthanized.

Flores is being held on suspicion of robbery and charges related to animal cruelty are pending.

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