Parents Upset Over SDUSD Sex Education Tool

Parents in San Diego are upset over a video they say is "cartoon pornography" and "too much, too soon" for their children, some of whom are as young as ten-years-old. 

The video is part of the district's sexual education program, that are supposed to be informational and age-appropriate. In one example (posted above), the cartoon attempts to separate fact from fiction when it comes to porn and how pornography is an unrealistic depiction of reality. The video's creators also said the video about porn was meant to spark a conversation between kids and parents about what they can find online. 

An online petition was started that said the lessons being presented in the San Diego Unified School District's sex ed classes go beyond California laws and encourages sexual curiosity and experimentation. 

Officials with the district also pointed out that parents have the option to opt-out of the education as nearly 200 parents have already done.  

The new curriculum was started for 6th-grade, 8-grade and high school students last October. 

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