Video: Hollywood Street Vendor's Cart Pushed Down

A confrontation between a Hollywood street vendor and a man walking his dog is making the viral video rounds.

The man, allegedly holding a stun gun, pushed over Benjamin Ramirez's cart as he is seen walking down Romaine Street and El Centro Avenue. 

The video, recorded by Ramirez, shows the unnamed suspect confronting him and telling him to stop blocking the sidewalk.

Ramirez says he and the man exchange some words in angry Spanish and the dog walker is apparently holding a taser as he threatens to move Ramirez's cart.

"He kept coming back and telling me that I couldn't sell here. I kept ignoring him. Then he sent his wife one time and I didn't understand anything she was saying, so she sent her husband. He said, 'You need to leave here. You're going to have serious problems with me.'"

Eventually the man pushes over Ramirez's cart, spilling over the contents into the street.

"He kept telling me that there was no room to walk on the sidewalk, and I said, 'There's plenty of room to walk around,'. I was afraid he was going to hit me with something because he came at me with something, so I grabbed my bottle of chili. I meant to throw it in his face but it landed on his chin."

Ramirez says he was just trying to earn a living to support his family and has never been targeted like this before.

"I'd like for him to pay for the damages, and if he can't pay then I'd like for the authorities to do something, to possibly put him in jail." 

Detectives have handed the case over to the Los Angeles City Attorney's office to prosecute the suspect for misdemeanor vandalism.

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