Street Vendor's Cart Overturned in Heated Hollywood Confrontation

Video of a confrontation between a street vendor and another man who was walking his dog has gone viral. 

The heated exchange was recorded by the vendor, Benjamin Ramirez in which a man is seen walking his dog with a woman in Hollywood near Romaine Street and El Centro Avenue. 

The confrontation begins as the the vendor and the man exchange angry words in Spanish. The man, who appears to be holding a Taser in his right hand, warns the vendor that he needs to move his cart, or he'll move it for him.  The confrontation between the two escalates until finally culminating in the man overturning the vendor's food cart, spilling its contents into the street.  

Ramirez told ABC7 that he has had multiple run-ins with the man and woman seen in the video. 

"He kept coming back and telling me that I couldn't sell here," Ramirez said through a translator. "I kept ignoring him. Then he sent his wife one time and I didn't understand anything she was saying, so she sent her husband. He said, 'You need to leave here. You're going to have serious problems with me.'"

 The man was reportedly upset with the vendor over the food cart taking up too much room on the sidewalk. For his part, Ramirez says he was only trying to earn money to feed his family. 

The name of the man who overturned the cart has not been released. 

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