@ForkReporter Helps Us Keep Up With Cooking For The Family

What do you do?

You love having your friends and family over, but it just makes cooking way to difficult.  

Other times, it has nothing to do with having extra people over.  Sometimes life can just get a little crazy.

But what do you do?  You still need to eat!

Don't worry.  We have a plan.

First, plan ahead.  Don't let the day catch up on you.  Start planning a couple days, or even a week, ahead.  The worst thing is when you don't know what to do when the moment has already arrived.

Second, find favorites.  Plus, if you're going to pick a favorite, make it an easy favorite.  Make it something that doesn't bother you to prepare, as well as something that your family doesn't complain about eating every week.

Third, have the proper tools.  If you have to cook for a lot of people, or in large amounts, make sure you have the tools in the kitchen that are necessary for it.  Help yourself out and make it as easy as possible.

Fourth, use what you have.  If you're planning a quick meal, base it off of ingredients and items that you already have.  It defeats the purpose of making a meal quickly if you then have to run all over town getting all of the ingredients necessary for the dish.

Fifth, simplify.  The traditional three-item meal is not as necessary as it has been in the past.  People are becoming much more accepting of just having two items on their plate.  Plus, cutting out one item can cut out a ton of time.

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