***Graphic Video Warning: Perris Street Vendor Arrest Sparks Outrage

Since the video of the arrest of a street vendor in Perris sparked major outrage, many are rallying to protest demanding justice.

Juanita Mendez-Medrano was selling flowers in early June when an officer patrolling the area placed her under arrest.

Below is the video of the altercation; GRAPHIC VIDEO AND LANGUAGE WARNING!

The planned protest will happen Saturday July 22nd at the Riverside County Sheriff's station in Perris.

However, Perris Mayor Micheal Vargas says its important that people don't make snap judgements based on a 43 second video.

“A lot of times judgment is passed based on a quick video or a quick statement. You have to look at all sides. I have to stay neutral until this investigation is completed.” 

Perris police say Mendez-Medrano was resisting arrest, assaulting the officers and was selling her goods without a permit.

The video shows Mendez-Medrano holding a bouquet of flowers as she tries to pull away from the officer arresting her.

Eventually the officer wrestles her to the ground and she is heard screaming in Spanish, "Why go after people trying to make a decent living...Why not go after gang-bangers?" as it appears the officer is placing his hand over her mouth.

The Perris police issued a press release stating Mendez-Medrano "refused to cooperate as necessary to allow our officer to issue her a citation."

"She refused to provide her name, and attempted to walk away. Our officer repeatedly told Ms. Mendez-Medrano why she was being detained, and that she could not go without being issued a citation."

The release also says the arrest came while the officers were working to control traffic and clear the area because vendors were creating "obvious traffic safety concerns" by walking into the streets.

One witnesses to the incident, Jason Hernandez says the vendors weren't causing trouble and the officers were in the wrong.

"They're overstepping their boundaries. They should just calm the situation down, not tackle a lady who, you know, is just trying to provide for her family."

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