VIDEO: Truck Hits Alleged Thief in Burbank

In the video of the day, an alleged thief got insta-karmad by a truck in Burbank as he tries to run away with cash.

The theft victim was in the middle of a car transaction when the suspect took his cash and took off running.

The victim ran  after him and witnesses say, he got into a black truck to continue the chase.

The video shows a black truck driving towards the suspect.

The truck eventually hits the alleged thief, who then is sent flying into the street. 

The bag containing the cash the suspect took leaves his hands, opens up and spills cash all over the street.

In stead of cutting and immediately running, the thief stops to pick up whatever cash he could.

Burbank police say the victim recovered his cash and left the scene.

Authorities are looking into whether the crash was intentional and that no injuries were reported and no arrests have been made.

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