Homeowners Sue to Get the West Side Off the "Road Diet"

Condo owners filed a lawsuit against the city of Los Angeles on Wednesday to try and make them reverse the so-called "Road Diet" on the West Side. Homeowners say after the city got rid of 9.4 miles of traffic lanes on major streets, they began to see gridlock, which angered the South Bay commuters.

Lawyer Ernest Franchecki told KFI's Andrew Mollenbweck the lane reductions have become a safety issue. 

"First responders are going to have a very difficult time responding in a timely manner if there's any kind of emergency." 

The lawsuit also alleges that the city broke their own rules. According to Franchecki, the city did not conduct an environmental impact report nor did they alert the public. 

"I suspect the reason there was no notice is because the public outcry, there's tremendous outrage right now over this." 

Lanes have been reduced on Vista Del Mar, Culver Boulevard, Jefferson Boulevard, and Pershing Drive. The lawsuit seeks to undo those changes as well as unspecified damages and attorney's fees. The 17-page complaint was also filed against Mayor Eric Garcetti and Councilman Mike Bonin. 

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