Winter Is HERE!

Winter is HERE Jon Snow!

Game of Thrones returns to HBO this Sunday at 9pm with the Season 7 premiere, and everyone (including me) is losing their minds.

Earlier this week, White Walkers were seen roaming the streets of London.....creepy!!!

My husband and I love to watch this uninterrupted on Sunday nights and we have been going round and round, pausing all the trailers that have been released along the way to see if we can find subtle clues as to what will happen this season.

All I can say is that I predict, like many others, that Jon Snow will be revealed to be a Targaryen, as well as Tyrion Lannister, so that they, along with Daenerys and her DRAGONS will rule everything!

So here are the 7 things I think you need to know before watching Sunday's premiere! 

This is the beginning of the end folks! 

  • Season 7 will have only 7 episodes, instead of the normal 10.  BUT, some episodes will be longer than the 50-59 minutes we’re used to.  The longest episode this season will be 81 minutes!
  • Season 8 will debut next year and be the final season. It will have just 6 episodes, but producers say almost all of those episodes will clock in at 80-90 minutes each.

So, we want you to be ready for the new season, so if you’re not caught up on your binge watching, turn the radio down now because we’ve put together the top 7 things we can think of that you need to know before you start watching the new season.

#1 --- The White Walkers and The Wall 

  • The Wall, guarded by the men of the Night’s Watch, is the only thing keeping the terrifying ‘White Walkers’ from crossing and ravaging everything and everyone in their path.
  • The White Walkers are basically an Army of the undead led by the “Night King”…when they kill people and the ‘Night King’ touches the dead, those people essentially turn into more soldiers for the White Walkers Army.
  • This year, expect The Wall’s defenses to be tested…BUT…there may be a key to beating them…and it lies with a certain blonde….


Daenerys Targaryan (some refer to her as Khalessi or the hot blonde with the dragons) wants the Iron Throne BACK for her family and she is going to Westeros to get it! 

She is READY for the fight…. Here’s why:

She has a large Army made up of the ‘unsullied’ and the Dothraki.

AND…she has alliances with:

  • The Greyjoys, who provided 100 ships and a huge army in exchange for the right to the independence of their land, the Iron Islands
  • The Tyrells, another powerful family in the south

She also has 3 key advisers:

  • Tyrion Lannister (the ‘imp’ and brother of the current Queen of The Seven Kingdoms, who really, REALLY hates his sister Cersei, but loves his brother Jamie)
  • Varys (the unich and skilled master manipulator)
  • Missandei, originally a slave freed by Daenerys, now a trusted advisor


For those wanting extra credit with their friends, here are the names of her dragons:

  • Drogon, named after her late husband Khal Drogo, is the largest and the one Daenerys rides.
    • Black with red markings
    • Larger and more aggressive than the other two dragons
  • Rhaegal named after Rhaegar Targaryen, Daenerys’ eldest brother (he’s dead)
    • Green with bronze markings
  • Viserion, named after Viserys Targaryen, Daenerys’ other brother, (also dead, a first-class jerk, he’s the one who sold her to the Dothraki then proceeded to threaten her and Kahl Drogo…so Drogo had to kill him)
    • creamy white, with gold markings


Rumor has it that only 3 things can defeat the white walkers… as of right now, we only know of TWO sure fire ways so far

  • Dragon Glass – a form of volcanic glass that, when plunged into a white walker, can kill them
  • Valeryan Steel – a sword made of this can kill white walkers on contact

The 3rd has yet to be tested…

  • Dragon’s Fire – literally….the fire that dragon’s breathe.  As of right now, we know that REGULAR FIRE is something that DOES NOT KILL White Walkers, but will Dragon’s Fire be different?

So, that explains why the dragons will be an important part of Daenerys’ army

BUT…there is one other dragon related aspect that could play out this season.

There are 3 dragons, and right now, only ONE has a rider.   Rumor has it because there are 3 dragons, there are supposed to be 3 riders. Now, not just anyone can tame a dragon to ride it.  The person has to have a connection to the dragon…. Which is why Daenerys can ride her dragon.  So …who will ride the other dragons?

The Targaryans were MASTER dragon riders….so rumor has it that only someone with that lineage will be able to ride the others. And that, leads us to #3….


No, this is not a Maury Povich episode….This season the true parentage of two key characters on the show will be key and hopefully revealed!

First up – Jon Snow….

  • In the season 6 finale, Bran Stark (Jon’s half brother and basically a psychic) had a vision that Jon Snow is actually the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen.
    • Basic back story -- Lyanna was supposed to marry Robert Baratheon but Rhaegar kidnapped her and got her pregnant.  Before Lyanna died after childbirth, she made her brother Ned Stark promise to protect her son from Robert, should he ever find out the boy existed.  Ned then raised Jon as his ‘bastard’ son.
    • If Robert had known that Jon was born of a union with a Targaryen, he would have had him killed, because Jon would have a rightful claim to the Iron Throne, which Robert had occupied.

Second lineage question…. Tyrion Lannister

  • Tyrion’s own father questioned many times in the show whether he was ‘truly a Lannister’ and rumor has it he was also born of a union that involved Rhaegar Targaryen.
  • If true, then Tyrion would also be a Targaryen…which would explain why the dragons didn’t torch him on the spot when he set them free from their chains in the dungeon.


  • Cersei Lannister is a real bitch but she’s now Queen of the Seven Kingdom’s and sits on the Iron Throne.
  • In the season 6 finale, Cersei blew up the Great Sept with her youngest son’s wife, the High Sparrow (the head of the wacky religious order that kept Cersei captive for awhile) and a bunch of other people inside. 
  • As a result, her surviving son, King Tommen, threw himself out a window, and boom, mom is now Queen
  • Her twin brother, Jamie (with whom she had her 3 children), is head of her Army at the moment but isn’t happy with her.



  • Arya Stark, now a fully trained ‘Faceless Man’, is headed to her family home (Winterfell) and is intent on revenge along the way against a large list of people
  • The season 6 finale saw her exact revenge on Walder Frey (who killed her mother, brother and others in the famous ‘Red Wedding’ episode) by killing his sons and baking their body parts into a meat pie. As he ate it she slit his throat.



There’s tension between Sansa Stark and Jon Snow, essentially raised as half siblings. 

  • Jon had promised that Sansa would lead the North as the Lady of Winterfell, but after the Battle of the Bastards, Jon was declared King of the North.  Sansa didn’t look happy.
  • Will Sansa remain loyal? We’ll find out!



  • Melisandre otherwise known as the ‘hot redhead until she takes off her necklace’ is the witch that brought Jon Snow back to life after he was stabbed to death by a group of Night’s Watch members at The Wall after they felt he betrayed them by joining up with The ‘Wildlings’, the Free Folk who lived north of The Wall.
  • She confessed to murdering Shireen Baratheon (the young daughter of Stannis, who she served & advised) by burning her at the stake.
  • Jon Snow, exiled her and she took off. Not sure where she’s headed, but she can cause trouble because, well, she’s a witch.


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