Disneyland Paris Gives Us First Look at New Scenes in Pirates Ride

Following the announcement that the famous "Bride Auction" scene would be replaced in the Pirates of the Carribean Ride, Disneyland Paris is giving us a first look at what the update could look like for the classic ride. 

Thanks to some Disney fans who visited the park in Paris, people are getting their first look at what the updated scene might look like. The bride/wench auction is gone, replaced now with one for "trinkets and charms." The pirates can be heard shouting out bids for treasure instead of women with the famous redheaded holding a gun watching over the whole event. 

It isn't just the bride auction that got an update. Some pretty impressive anamatronic characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise have been added to the adventure as well. Jack Sparrow makes a few appearances, as does Captain Barbossa. 

All things Disney will be discussed this weekend at D-23 where we might get a look at Anaheim's version of the updated scene which is due in Spring of 2018. 

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