Damien Newton from Mar Vista Community Council tries to defend "Road Diets"

Next week we're taking the show right into the belly of the "Road Diet" beast in Playa Del Rey. We'll be at the Shack at 185 Culver Blvd, come by and see us!

We've heard from many people who are rightly upset over the road changes from #BadIdeaBonin, but today we had someone on who is actually in favor of them.

Damien Newton is a member of the Mar Vista Community Council, and is calling for "civil discourse" when it comes to debating "Road Diets." 

Here's a little bit from a piece he wrote for The Argonaut:

"Personally, I have been supportive of the project in the past, writing previews for Streetsblog LA and attending Great Streets meetings held by the neighborhood council before I joined as a board member last summer. I am generally supportive of projects that make streets safer for people who are bicycling or walking, as that is what I am usually doing.

Knowing this issue will remain contentious, I hope that we can come together as neighbors and agree to a set of basic facts so that we can have a productive conversation about the best way forward, instead of repeating the acrimony we saw in June..."

Click here to read the whole piece, and listen to his interview below:

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