Woman Who Called in Amber Alert Accused of Faking the Whole Thing

The Los Angeles Police Department has arrested the woman who reported a car jacking and kidnapping which set off an Amber Alert.

Authorities say Gaston had told the police her car was taken by gun point in South Los Angeles and that a 16-year-old boy was in the back seat.

She identified Kandice Johnson as the suspect.

However, when the police caught up to Johnson and questioned her they said she was cooperative and found there was no criminal activity involved.

In fact, police say contrary to Gaston's accusations the boy was never in the car and not a victim of a crime.

Commanding officer of LAPD's 77th Division Shannon Paulson says this whole thing was just a dispute over a loaned car that wasn't returned when Gaston wanted it.

"With this allegation of an extremely serious crime, with this allegation that a minor was involved or was a potential victim and their safety was in jeopardy, those kinds of man hours and that dedication of resources meant that other victims of true crimes, or valid crimes, means that their justice is delayed."

Gaston was booked on suspicion of filing a false police report and the misdemeanor charge carries up to a year in county jail and fines.

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