Vigilante Attacked When Trying to Fight Crime in DTLA

Recently, there has been a clash in the streets of downtown Los Angeles.  

Middle-class people are moving intro the gentrified areas of the city that are still highly populated by working-class and homeless people.  The result is a battle for the streets.

Jacob Douglas Van Horn, the Historic Core representative on the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council, confronted two men that he claimed were dealing drugs at Broadway and Fifth Street.  

Other men quickly came to defend the alleged drug dealers and attacked Van Horn.

Van Horn said, "We have people who moved in believing in the vision of downtown.  In the last couple years, they've seen the Historic Core overtaken by dealers and property crime. I went to go make a point. The intention was to get attacked. It was on a live video broadcast. I didn't intend to get hurt as I did."

Watch the incident right here!


Read the full story at LA Weekly

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