Santa Cruz Closes Beaches Following Great White Shark Attack

Santa Cruz city officials has closed several of the city's beaches thanks to a great white shark attack. The decision on Tuesday came after a kayaker had a close encounter with the would-be Jaws. 

Steve Lawson had paddled out about a quarter-mile away from Steamer Lane when the shark bit the front end of his kayak. 

"He hit me, and then when he let me go, he knocked me sideways and I fell out. And then he left. He bit the boat, decided it was not tasty and left."

Lawson says he was worried the shark would come back for him. 

"Me or the fisherman never saw a fin he was not out there looking for me or anything. I mean, it felt like he was, but he apparently decided I wasn't edible and swam away."

The county's Shark Incident Action Plan calls for access to beach access points within a one-mile radius to be closed for four days. Following Lawson's report, the city closed access to Main, Cowell, and other access points. 

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