San Diego to Get Official Beer

San Diego is living up to its title as the Craft Beer Capital of America by naming an official beer. The city's Tourism Authority has partnered with The Bay City Brewing Company to launch "72 and Hoppy," a session IPA. 

According to San Diego's website, the name "72 and Hoppy" refers to the city's near-perfect weather which hovers around 72 degrees year-round. 

The name also gives a nod to San Diego’s nearly perfect weather which hovers around 72 degrees year-round. Bay City Brewing Co. has created a beer that captures the spirit of San Diego in a pint glass - relaxed and refreshing, but also vibrant and full of flavor.

Let's pause and hope L.A. city officials are paying attention to our friends south of us. 

"72 and Hoppy" will reportedly be available at local bars, restaurants, hotels and attractions. 

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