Video: Grandma Flashes at Dodger Game, Crowd Loves It

A grandmother gave the more than 45,000 fans at Dodgers stadium a show when she flashed the crowd on the jumbo-tron.

The unnamed woman, later dubbed "Rally Granny" by Dodgers rookie Cody Bellinger, was dancing between innings during the game.

Fans were cheering on her dance moves and as they got rowdier she got more excited.

As the AP reported, “the smiling woman quickly lifted her blue shirt, revealing a white bra underneath.”

The crowd first gasped, then erupted into laughter as the video operators tried to cut away in time but were too late.

And for those of you sports fans, the Dodgers beat the Kansas City Royals 5-4 which was great and all...but we all know what'll be remembered. 

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