Josh Newman's pool doesn't meet the rules of his own pool safety bill

The recall effort against State Senator Josh Newman is working so well that the Democrats are trying to do whatever they can to save him. They're changing recall rules mid-recall and their giving Newman feel-good bills to "author" in order to raise his profile and make him look good.

One of those bills is SB 442, which requires homeowners with pools to have multiple layers of safety in order to protect children from drowning.

But the people at the Friends For Fullerton uncovered something interesting. They flew a drone over his house and found that his pool has none of the safety features that he's pushing in his bill:

Friends For Fullerton's Future
Friends For Fullerton's Future

(Friends For Fullerton's Future)

His pool doesn't have any sort of fence, or a pool cover, which are strictly required by his own law.

At a press conference in June, Newman said:

“Multiple layers of protection and multiple barriers of protection are critical."

It should be noted that Newman has a small child. He's pushing a bill to keep kids safe around pools and his own pool doesn't meet his requirements.

This shows you what the Democrats really care about. They'll do anything for themselves and for the party.

Read more at the Friends For Fullerton's Future.

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