The Future of Food Production

What do you think of when you think of the the future?

Alternative energy?  Hover crafts?  Living on other planets?  Robots?

What do you think of when you think of good food?

Handmade?  High quality?  Fresh?

Well, now, those two worlds are coming together to give you HOVER FOOD!

(Man...I wish...)

When those two worlds combine you get the future of high-quality food production and, as you might expect, it involves a lot of robots.

Automation is taking over a lot of aspects of world, including manufacturing, navigation, daily business procedures, and a variety of other fields.

Now, automation is making its way into food production, and we don't mean chicken nuggets and fish sticks.  We're talking about high quality meals.

Zume is a pizzeria in Mountain View that uses robots to create its product everyday and still maintain a quality that keeps it fully involved in the "better pizza movement."

Although the company uses robots in many aspects of the production line, they still employ humans to complete other aspects of the process because technology just can't always match the quality of an actual person.  The robots simply allow Zume to reduce costs and make more pizzas in less time.

Chris Farmer is a SignalFire investor, the venture capital firm that has put over $23 million into Zume.

He said, “Ultimately, it’s a company that can scale and become the best option for delivered pizza against any of the incumbents.”

Where do you stand?  Are you okay with eating robot food?  Do you ever think it could match handmade meals?  Is this really our future?

Read the full story at Los Angeles Times

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