Polish crowd chants Trump's name during Warsaw speech

President Donald Trump was met with a very enthusiastic crowd in Warsaw, Poland today. Poland, that's the land of John's people!

The crowd chanted the President's name, and waved U.S. and Polish flags as he delivered his address.

Warsaw police estimate there were as many as 15,000 people in attendance, many of which came from distant towns an cities.

Many Polish people like Trump because of his nationalism and drive to protect borders from Islamic extremism.

Here's a bit of his speech:

"TRUMP: Thank you very much. That's so nice.

The United States has many great diplomats, but there is truly no better ambassador for our country than our beautiful first lady, Melania.

Thank you, Melania. That was very nice.

We've come to your nation to deliver a very important message: America loves Poland and America loves the Polish people. Thank you.

The Poles have not only greatly enriched this region, but Polish- Americans have also greatly enriched the United States. And I was truly proud to have their support in the 2016 election.

It is a profound honor to stand in this city by this monument to the Warsaw uprising, and to address the Polish nation that so many generations have dreamed of, a Poland that is safe, strong and free..."

Click here to read the full transcript at Fox News.

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