Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says he'll eat livers of ISIS fighters

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte isn't afraid to say whatever's on his mind. If the pearl-clutchers are afraid of Donald Trump, he's nothing compared to Duterte.

Duterte has said before that he'd eat the livers of ISIS fighters, and yesterday he said the same thing again.

His remarks came in response to the discovery of the bodies of two Vietnamese sailors who had been kidnapped and executed by Abu Sayyaf, the Philippine group loyal to ISIS.

Duterte bragged that he'd get revenge in a very personal way:

"I will eat your liver if you want. I will just add salt and vinegar, I will eat it in front of you. You want to be enslaved by these? Son of a b*tch. Let’s just circumcise ourselves again. What are you really trying to prove with these actions? You take the name of Allah in vain? You use the name of God to kill people that way.”

Philippine government forces are fighting a big Islamist insurgency in the southern part of the country. Factions of Abu Sayyaf, which formed in the 1990s, have pledged their allegiance to ISIS and have joined militants in in Marawi, which is the largest Muslim-majority city in a mostly Catholic country.

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