Latest on the "Road Diets" wreaking havoc on our streets

We haven't forgotten about the evil plan known as Vision Zero. It's being implemented around town, and has really messed up areas such as Manhattan Beach, Playa Del Rey, Mar Vista, and Venice.

Eric Garcetti and Mike Bonin won't even respond to the residents of those areas who can't even drive around anymore without wanting to pull their hair out. The streets are less safe. There are more crashes, more traffic, more chaos, and Mike Bonin is nowhere to be seen.

Keep L.A. Moving is the organization putting pressure on Bonin and Garcetti to stop this madness. Here's a bit about them:

"L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, Councilman Mike Bonin and others are rolling out 'Road Diets' all over Los Angeles. They’re creating gridlock in hopes of making driving so miserable people will give up their cars. We're here to connect individuals and groups across the region who believe there are better paths to the future than Mobility 2035 and similar plans. There are visionary yet sensible ways to make Los Angeles more livable and driveable. Let's work together to urge our politicians to choose those options."

Karla Mendelson from Keep L.A. Moving joined us again this afternoon with the latest news on the fight against the "Road Diets:"

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