Crews Have Broken Ground on Project to Provide Housing for Vets

Work has started on a plot of Antelope Valley land that will soon become 56 homes for veterans. L.A. County Supervisor Kathryn Barger says this development is a lot like previous projects in Sylmar and Santa Clarita. 

"And it's really full service. It's not just about a roof over their head. It's about providing supportive services, whether it be job training, or social service programs. Not just for the veteran, but for the whole family." 

The homes are being built in partnership with CalVet, Homes for Families, and the city of Palmdale. 

Republican congressman Steve Knight says the community will be the ones building the houses. "The community is going to be building these houses. We're going to be volunteering to be pounding the nails, and doing all things that need to be done to construct the houses." 

AV Imagine Village is the first in a two-part development. 

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