Children's Hospital Short on Blood Donations

Hospital officials at Children's Hospital Los Angeles say the blood supply there has reached critically low levels. 

The call for people to donate blood comes as the Red Cross has issued an emergency call for eligible blood donors nationwide. The organization says over the last two months, they've received 61,000 fewer donations overall. 

“It’s crucial that people donate now to meet the needs of patients every day and to be prepared for emergencies that require significant volumes of donated blood,” said Nick Gehrig, communications director, Red Cross Blood Services. “Every day, blood and platelet donors can help save lives, and right now these heroes are needed to give as soon as possible.”

Officials with the Red Cross say the current shortfall is equivalent to not receiving any blood donations for the last four days. 

According to the Red Cross, shortages often happen during the summer months thanks to people going on vacation and participating in summer activities. They say they must collect at least 14,000 blood donations every day for patients at approximately 2,600 hospitals across the country. 

People who want to donate blood must be at least 17 years old, and weigh at least 110 pounds. You'll need a photo ID and meet criteria for recent travel. Appointments can be made at (323) 361-2441, or through their website at 

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