Video: Naked Man Slaps a Cop, Gets Tased

A naked Houston man was caught on tape wielding a stolen pesticide sprayer, spraying cops with the poison before eventually being tased.

Police say the suspect, Keith Dean was walking the streets naked, when a kind stranger tried to give him a towel to cover himself.

Dean instead wanted the man's watch and the good Samaritan handed it over in an attempt to calm him down.

Witnesses say Dean ran away from the man and into a nearby Metro train.

The video, originally shot on June 6th but just now making the viral rounds, shows officers trying to coax Dean out of the train.

At some point, he got his hands on a pesticide sprayer and began to douse the police with its contents.

Both officers had their Tasers pointed at Dean, but only fired them when Dean launched at them slapping one of the officers in the face.

The man who recorded the video, Ben Marquina says the officer exercised a lot of self restraint considering the circumstances. 

"Yea the cop, he showed a lot of restraint after getting punched like that. Crazy." 

Houston Executive Assistant Chief Troy Finner also commended the officers on their handling of the incident.

"We commend these two officers for their actions in bringing a volatile situation to a safe conclusion. The male clearly struck our officer, who in turn used sound judgement in holding his composure and gaining control of the scene...thanks to assistance from his partner."

Dean was taken into custody and is being charged with two counts of assault-bodily injury of a public servant.

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