Woman Blows Thumb Off and Other Sad Firework News

A woman in Costa Mesa blew off her thumb while using fireworks on Saturday.

Costa Mesa Fire Department responded to College Hospital where the 29-year-old woman drove herself after the accident.

In totally coincidental, not quite but sort of related news, Illinois, Ohio, Vermont and Wisconsin are facing voluntary firework recalls.

TNT Red, White and Blue Smoke fireworks are supposed to emit colorful smoke, not explode.

The make has decided to recall 36,100 units of the product after receiving multiple reports that some of them exploded when lit.

The fireworks were being sold at Walmart and Kroger grocery stores.

TNT spokeswoman Sherri Simmons says that if these fireworks were purchased to report the product to American Promotional Events to get a full refund.

"We want people to be safe and know they're buying a good product."

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