Body of OC Rapper Found Days After He Was Swept Away

The body of Micheal Ramirez was found days after being swept away in the Kern River.

Ramirez's girlfriend, Erica Zambada says the Kern County coroner's office says the body retrieved from the river was that of the 27 year old rapper.

“He was found by a camper and identified by his tattoos. They told me he was probably pulled under 300 yards from where he jumped into the river.”

Ramirez was out with his girlfriend and other friends celebrating his 27th birthday at the Keyesville Campground in Lake Isabella on June 22nd.

“It was 115 degrees. We were sitting on a rock. Michael jumped in to cool down. He’s a fish – he loves to swim. He said, ‘The water is calm.’ But then an undercurrent swept him away.”

Ramirez's partner in his underground hip-hop group Rebellion Warfare, Christ Caballero jumped into the water trying to reach his friend.

“I got within a foot of him, but pockets of current acted like a suction, pulling him under. I saw his head bob up one more time, and then I didn’t see him again.”

Ramirez is the eighth in a long line of deaths in the river many are calling "Killer Kern" and two more people are still missing in the river.

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