Wedding Bells: Taco Bell weddings coming to Vegas this summer

If you love Taco Bell enough to make it your wedding theme, you're in luck. This summer the fast food chain is offering a $600 package to get married at their Las Vegas cantina.

For that price you get the following:

  • A reception for 15 people 
  • The saucy bouquet
  • A sauce packet garter and bow tie
  • Two "Just Married" t-shirts 
  • 12 tacos

Couple Dan Ryckert and Bianca Monda were the first couple to get married at the Vegas cantina. They won an all-expenses paid trip after their video they submitted was chosen in Taco Bell's Love and Tacos contest.

They wed in the Taco Bell Cantina's wedding chapel and dined on burritos, gorditas, chips guac and, a two-tiered Cinnabon cake.

So there's that.

See more photos of Dan and Bianca at KFI News.

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