Some L.A. County Supervisors Aren't Happy With Senate Healthcare Bill

Los Angeles County supervisors are joining the chorus of officials from around the country warning people about the Senate's healthcare bill. Supervisor Janice Hahn said that if the bill passes, it will devastate L.A. County. 

"This bill has no heart. In fact, this bill needs a heart transplant, a procedure - by the way - that average Americans will have a tough time affording."

If the Senate's version of the healthcare bill passes, Supervisor Sheila Kuhl says it will cause disproportionate harm to L.A. County where five percent of the nation's medicaid recipients live. Kuhl says at least 1.2 million people in the county will lose their insurance. 

"Do what you can. This is about your neighbors, this is about your family, this is about your health."

A recent score by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office says at least 22 million people stand to lose healthcare should the Senate's version of the healthcare bill passes. The CBO also says the Senate bill would reduce the federal deficit by more than $32 billion per year, largely thanks to the deep cuts in Medicaid. 

Meanwhile, it isn't just L.A. Supervisors making noise about the bill. The AARP and the American Medical Association joined more than a dozen more groups that have come out strongly against the Senate's healthcare bill. 

Supervisor Hahn added that the healthcare bill masquerades as healthcare while just being another tax cut for the rich. 

"This isn't healthcare. This is wealthcare," Hahn said. 

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