Assemblyman Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach) is running for Governor

Last week Assemblyman Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach) announced his bid to become the next Governor of California. With all of these crazy taxes and policies getting shoved down our throat right now it would be nice to see the pendulum swing back in this state!

Allen said:

California’s once greatest-in-the-nation status has been steadily eroded by decades of failed leadership - under 4 terms of Jerry Brown and over 40 years of Legislative control by the California Democrats. Whether it’s due to Jerry Brown’s massive gas tax, double digit increases in violent crime rates, our failing schools or our crumbling infrastructure – there is a silent supermajority in California who are waking up and demanding real change in our state. I am running to be the next Governor of California to take back our state for the forgotten ordinary citizens of California, who will no longer tolerate the squandering of our incredible natural abundance of people, economy, and resources by limousine liberals beholden to ravenous public sector union bosses and extremist environmentalists. The citizens of California are tired of being taken for granted, and will no longer accept the California Democrat Party’s hollow excuses for why the world’s 6th largest economy should have the nation’s highest poverty rate.”

Travis talked with us this afternoon about 2018 run:

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