Anti-Sanctuary City Protester Arrested After Allegedly Brandishing Gun

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K in Cudahy after immigration activists clashed with so-called anti-"Sanctuary city" advocates in a gas station parking lot. 

Dramatic video of an anti-"sanctuary city" protester brandishing a handgun toward activists was posted online by 16-year-old Cudahy resident Anthony Diaz. The person allegedly brandishing the weapon can be seen attempting to drive away in a white Toyota Corolla with three other members of the anti-immigration in the car with him. 

The activists don't seem to be intimidated by the white man showing them his handgun, and instead call the police over to surround the car. In the video posted online, Sheriff's deputies can be seen approaching the Toyota Corolla with lights flashing as people tried to block the Corolla from escaping. 

A local Trump activist Harim Uzziel went live on Facebook, as deputies instructed each passenger to exit their vehicle with their hands raised. Uzziel said in the video that the driver pulled a "conceal-carry weapon" after they were followed by sanctuary city advocates after the city council meeting.

At least four people were detained by sheriff officials, and one person was arrested. A separate bystander was also arrested after throwing a glass bottle at deputies. 

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