Nightmare Material: When Lampreys Invade

Winter flooding and the melts have brought one of nature's most....hideous creatures.

Lampreys are a parasitic type of primitive fish that look like eels.

They latch onto their prey with their round, sucker-like mouth that also feature TEETH.

They've been spotted in huge numbers on the Feather River near the Oroville Dam, which was severely damaged during the past winter.

Visitors to the dam saw dozens wiggling around in the hatchery's viewing windows that allow visitors to watch salmon and steel-head travel to their spawning grounds.

Many watchers described the fish as "creepy" and "the stuff nightmares are made of".

California Department of Water Resources tour guide Jana Frazier says while these things are HORRIFIC...they are harmless to humans.

"You've got nothing to worry about if you go wading or swimming in the river." 

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