LAPD Arrests More Cadets After Theft of Patrol Cars

The Los Angeles Police Department said Tuesday four more teenage cadets had been arrested following the theft of several patrol cars, and detectives learned some of the teens used the stolen black-and-whites to pull over motorists.

"That brings the total to seven [arrests]," Chief Charlie Beck told members of the Police Commission.

Three cadets were arrested following high speed car chases that ended in crashes last week, shortly after the LAPD said it learned the cadets had gained access to the cars by using a vacationing sergeant's computer access codes.

Beck said over the weekend detectives had interviewed drivers who'd been pulled over by the teens.

"We've also identified a couple occasions where the young people involved are believed to have made traffic stops," Beck said.

"There was no enforcement action that we have discerned that was taken in any of these traffic stops, except for the detention of the individuals involved," he said.

"We are pressing forward with this to make sure we find everybody involved," Beck said.

Six of the cadets arrested were from the program run at the LAPD's 77th Street Station; one was from the Pacific Station program.

All could face felony charges.

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